our mission

The Domains Management Section of the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority holds the responsibility of managing delegating and monitoring the ccTLD (.kw). With holding a respectful standard and professionalism with the customer being our priority.

  1. Easy and fast way to register a Domain.
  2. Implementing policies and procedures which have been laid by the Board of Trustees in the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority.
  3. The certification and management of the Accredited Registrars.


The Process of establishing a Domain has become an easy and fast process which with the help of our Accredited Registrars. The Accredited Registrars have been accredited by the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority to distribute .kw to the Registrant.

  1. To distribute and vas the reach of .kw on the local stage as well as the global.
  2. To encourage business and the projects in Kuwait to join the .kw community to have a patriotic identity online.
  3. The protection of our Registrant by means of organizing and monitoring the Accredited Registrars.
  4. The satisfaction of our customers, by obtaining a Domain in the easiest and fastest way possible.